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Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) for effective Trauma Recovery

What is Emotional Mind Integration?

July 08, 20233 min read

“How can learning what is inside bring back
the love and wonder of childhood?” - Gordon Emmerson


We are all made up of many parts. Some of our parts are happy, some sad, some are creative, others mischievous. All of our parts work towards our best interests; however, not all are equally skilful in doing so. If you're aware that some of your less developed 'parts' are hindering rather than helping you, then Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) may be just your thing.

Emotional Mind Integration trauma recovery

Resolving traumas and disturbances at their core is to integrate, strengthen and empower your entire adult system 💓

What is Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)?

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) is a neuro-trance psychotherapy that facilitates rapid and deep change, promoting powerful self-healing and the return to healthy adult functioning.

The brief, experiential, person-centred and solution-focused therapy, created by the masterful Yildiz Sethi, is a means of resolving and releasing:

  • Personal conflicts, stressors, disturbances and/or blocks

  • Traumas (including PTSD, cPTSD and sexual traumas)

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Self sabotage

  • Fears and phobias

  • Low self esteem

  • Depression

  • Emotional triggers

  • Anger

  • Addictions

  • Unproductive mindsets

  • More

EMI was developed in 2014 through adaptation of Gordon Emmerson's Ego State Therapy and leverages Gestalt Therapy and Systemic Family Constellations theory and practice. The 9-step process is designed to process a feeling or situation through the use of regression, to the integration of a new place or way of being.

Central to the process is client safety and efficacy, which is prioritised each step of the way.

How does it work?

EMI enables individuals to work on challenges and goals with origins in their own personal history. It resolves these traumas and disturbances at their core, at the level of the specific impacted 'part' or 'emotional mind state'.

EMI facilitates change and self-healing through a 9-step process that facilitates change through restoration of the core requirements for wellbeing:

  1. Love

  2. Safety

  3. Connection

  4. Justice

  5. Dignity

  6. Autonomy

Upon clarification of the goal or issue, clients are inducted into a light trance to access, resolve and release the disturbed emotional mind states through a process that also facilitates new perspectives and integration of the newly matured emotional mind state.

It is facilitated with individuals in private sessions and can be performed in-person and virtually.

What is EMI used for?

Given the focus of EMI is in the client's personal history, this powerful modality is best used for issues or conditions that have arisen through our personal experiences or circumstances. For issues that have origins in the family system, Rapid Core Healing is recommended.

Rapid Core Healing is a powerful combination of both EMI and Systemic Family Constellations, such as persistent patterns with origins in both the family system and also our personal experiences.

EMI and clinical hypnotherapy are highly complementary.

Is EMI ever contraindicated, or not recommended?

Yes, as with hypnotherapy, DeTrauma Technique (DTT) and Family Constellations (FC/SFC) there are some known conditions for which EMI is contraindicated, or not advised. Make sure you’re working with an appropriately trained practitioner at all times and if they advise EMI is not for you, please don’t take it personally.

As with hypnotherapy, contraindicated conditions include (not limited to): schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and psychotic disorders.

So there you have it: the 411 on Emotional Mind Integration. When will I see you next?

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LR x

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